2011 Mosquito All-Stars Announced

GVBA is pleased to announce the following players and coaches that have been selected for the 2011 summer all-star teams at the Mosquito level:

Mosquito Tier 1 AAA – Manager: George Mussewhite, Coach: Phil Williams, Coach: Chris Smith, Coach: Ian Weir
Players: Andrew Weir, Cameron Hayes, Cole Mayhew, Dawson Hurford, Jason Thomsen, Jayden Wakeham, Mike Musselwhite, Rhys Williams, Ryan Smith, Tyler/Connor Hills, Will Hazel-Penaluna.

Mosquito Tier 2 AAA – Manager: Allison Adams, Coach: Bob Jansch, Coach: Bill Doorschot, Technical Advisor: Vern Kellow
Players: Noah Doorschot, Blake Dreyer, Adam Dunn, Bailey English, Bryce Franklin, Wyatt Giesbrecht, Leo Jansch, Cole Kellow,  Nick Kojima, Aiden Leibel, Martin Lorenz, Sebastian Wicke. 

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