2011 Pee Wee All-Stars Announced

GVBA is pleased to announce the following players and coaches that have been selected for the 2011 summer all-star teams at the Pee Wee level:

Pee Wee AA Team 1 – Head Coach: Tim Morris
Players: Tyler Schindel, Tyler Duncan, Kobe Morris, Ayden Ostropolski, Stephen Wade, Riley Fisher-Brassard, Broeden Wood, Jason Willow, Brandon White, Brody Brubaker, Peter Jenkins,  and Brodie Kellow.

Pee Wee AA Team 2 – Head Coach: David Glowicki
Players:  Kieran Waters, Will Glowicki, Jonah Hall, Martin Eckard, Nolan Tesch, Matt Dayton, James Scott, Dawson Neal, Nick Seginowich, Zeke Holt, Callum Afcouliotis and Kalani Sciascia.

Pee Wee A Cougars – Head Coach: Keith Davidoff
Players:  Quinten Davidoff, Jarod Hooper, Parker Swinton, Austin Somers, Calvin Somers, Brody Stark, Nate Postle, Colin Gall, Cam Devlin, Michael Moore, Cody White and Duncan Knight. 

Pee Wee A Tigers – Head Coach: Dave Gramlich
Players:  Thomas Copeland, Jon Gale, Sean Gramlich, Harrison Hurford, Lance Johnson, Spencer Kearley, Carson Kemball, Andreas Marquez, Cameron McMicken, Connor Moody, Liam Morgan and Travis Pink.

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