2016 Mosquito Champions!

Congratulations to the Carnarvon Rockies who captured the GVBA Mosquito A City Championship yesterday in front of hundreds of fans at Wilf Sadler Memorial Field in Gordon Head.

It was a great baseball game on a beautiful, sunny afternoon.  The players were awesome, the coaches were awesome, the umpires did a great job and the fans were loud, boisterous and perfectly well-behaved!  It all made for a wonderful afternoon of baseball which I will not soon forget.

Read all about it here: http://www.independentsportsnews.com/2016/06/20/carnarvon-rockies-claim-mosquito-city-championship/

A huge THANK YOU to Sheri Yager for all her hard work on the mosquito division this year.  GVBA will be seeking a contract extension.

Another huge THANK YOU to Christian Stewart for his superb photos and coverage of the game.

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