2017 SIBL

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Apr15-May11   EXHIBITION GAMES (No Standings – Do NOT report scores)  
Sat Apr 15 06:00AM Giants x Rangers Lambrick E1
Sun Apr 16 12:00PM Pirates x Astros Henderson E2
Sun Apr 16 03:00AM Reds x Marlins Henderson E3
Sun Apr 16 06:00AM Mariners x Expos Henderson E4
Mon Apr 17 06:30AM Red Sox x Pirates Lambrick E5
Tue Apr 18 06:00AM Blue Jays x Reds Layritz E6
Thu Apr 20 06:00AM Expos x Astros Henderson E7
Fri Apr 21 06:30AM Marlins x Giants Lambrick E8
Sun Apr 23 06:00AM Rangers x Blue Jays Lambrick E9
Sun Apr 23 06:00AM Marlins x Mariners Rotary E10
Mon Apr 24 06:15AM Expos x Red Sox Luxton E11
Tue Apr 25 06:00AM Astros x Reds Layritz E12
Thu Apr 27 06:30AM Pirates x Giants Lambrick E13
Thu Apr 27 06:15AM Rangers x Red Sox Luxton E14
Sat Apr 29 06:30AM Pirates x Blue Jays Lambrick E15
Sun Apr 30 12:00PM Giants x Astros Henderson E16
Sun Apr 30 03:00AM Reds x Expos Henderson E17
Sun Apr 30 06:00AM Blue Jays x Marlins Henderson E18
Sun Apr 30 12:00PM Rangers x Mariners Rotary E19
Tue May 02 06:15AM Giants x Red Sox Luxton E20
Tue May 02 06:00AM Pirates x Reds Layritz E21
Tue May 02 06:15AM Astros x Mariners Rotary E22
Thu May 04 06:15AM Marlins x Red Sox Luxton E23
Sat May 06 12:00PM Pirates x Chemainus Chemainus E24
Sat May 06 03:00AM Pirates x Chemainus Chemainus E25
Sat May 06 06:00AM Blue Jays x Mariners Rotary E26
Sat May 06 06:00AM Expos x Rangers Lambrick E27
Mon May 08 06:00AM Astros x Marlins Henderson E28
Tue May 09 06:15AM Giants x Mariners Rotary E29
Tue May 09 06:15AM Blue Jays x Red Sox Luxton E30
Tue May 09 06:00AM Rangers x Reds Layritz E31
Thu May 11 06:30AM Expos x Pirates Lambrick E32
May12-Jul27   REGULAR SEAONS BEGINS (Report Scores)  
Sat May 13 12:00PM Blue Jays x Chemainus Chemainus E33
Sat May 13 03:00AM Blue Jays x Chemainus Chemainus E34
Sat May 13 06:00AM Red Sox Mariners Rotary R1
Sat May 13 06:00AM Astros Marlins Henderson R2
Sat May 13 06:00AM Pirates Giants Lambrick R3
Sun May 14 12:00PM Reds Expos Henderson R4
Sun May 14 03:00AM Rangers Marlins Henderson R5
Sun May 14 06:00AM Mariners Astros Henderson R6
Mon May 15 06:15AM Giants Red Sox Luxton R7
Thu May 18 06:00AM Pirates Reds Layritz R8
Fri May 19 06:30AM Blue Jays Rangers Lambrick R9
Mon May 22 03:00AM Expos Giants Lambrick R10
Mon May 22 06:00AM Marlins Pirates Lambrick R11
Tue May 23 06:00AM Astros Reds Layritz R12
Wed May 24 06:15AM Blue Jays Mariners Rotary R13
Sat May 27 12:00PM Rangers x Chemainus Chemainus E35
Sat May 27 03:00AM Rangers x Chemainus Chemainus E36
Sat May 27 03:00AM Giants Mariners Rotary R14
Sat May 27 06:00AM Reds Red Sox Luxton R15
Sun May 28 06:00AM Expos Blue Jays Lambrick R16
Mon May 29 06:00AM Pirates Marlins Henderson R17
Tue May 30 06:15AM Astros Mariners Rotary R18
Tue May 30 06:00AM Rangers Reds Layritz R19
Thu Jun 01 06:15AM Expos Red Sox Luxton R20
Sat Jun 03 12:00PM Giants x Chemainus Chemainus E37
Sat Jun 03 03:00AM Giants x Chemainus Chemainus E38
Sat Jun 03 06:00AM Marlins Mariners Rotary R21
Sat Jun 03 06:00AM Pirates Blue Jays Lambrick R22
Mon Jun 05 06:00AM Expos Astros Henderson R23
Mon Jun 05 06:00AM Reds Blue Jays Lambrick R24
Mon Jun 05 06:15AM Rangers Red Sox Luxton R25
Tue Jun 06 06:15AM Pirates Mariners Rotary R26
Tue Jun 06 06:00AM Marlins Reds Layritz R27
Thu Jun 08 06:00AM Mariners Expos Henderson R28
Fri Jun 09 06:30AM Giants Pirates Lambrick R29
Sat Jun 10 03:00AM Marlins Astros Henderson R30
Sat Jun 10 12:00PM Red Sox x Chemainus Chemainus E39
Sat Jun 10 03:00AM Red Sox x Chemainus Chemainus E40
Sat Jun 10 12:00PM Blue Jays Giants Lambrick R31
Sat Jun 10 03:00AM Reds Pirates Lambrick R32
Sat Jun 10 06:00AM Expos Rangers Lambrick R33
Sun Jun 11 03:00AM Blue Jays Marlins Henderson R34
Sun Jun 11 06:00AM Astros Expos Henderson R35
Sun Jun 11 06:30AM Reds Rangers Lambrick R36
Tue Jun 13 06:00AM Red Sox Reds Layritz R37
Thu Jun 15 06:00AM Mariners Marlins Henderson R38
Fri Jun 16 06:30AM Giants Blue Jays Lambrick R39
Sat Jun 17 12:00PM Expos x Chemainus Chemainus E41
Sat Jun 17 03:00AM Expos x Chemainus Chemainus E42
Sat Jun 17 06:00AM Pirates Mariners Rotary R40
Sun Jun 18 03:00AM Reds Marlins Henderson R41
Sun Jun 18 06:00AM Giants Astros Henderson R42
Mon Jun 19 06:00AM Rangers Astros Henderson R43
Tue Jun 20 06:00AM Blue Jays Reds Layritz R44
Thu Jun 22 06:15AM Pirates Red Sox Luxton R45
Fri Jun 23 06:15AM Expos Mariners Rotary R46
Sat Jun 24 12:00PM Marlins x Chemainus Chemainus E43
Sat Jun 24 03:00AM Marlins x Chemainus Chemainus E44
Sat Jun 24 06:00AM Blue Jays Red Sox Luxton R47
Sun Jun 25 06:00AM Rangers Mariners Rotary R48
Mon Jun 26 06:00AM Pirates Astros Henderson R49
Tue Jun 27 06:15AM Rangers Red Sox Luxton R50
Tue Jun 27 06:00AM Mariners Reds Layritz R51
Wed Jun 28 06:00AM Giants Expos Henderson R52
Thu Jun 29 06:00AM Mariners Red Sox Luxton R53
Thu Jun 29 06:00AM Giants Marlins Henderson R54
Fri Jun 30 06:30AM Blue Jays Pirates Lambrick R55
Mon Jul 03 06:30AM Pirates Rangers Lambrick R56
Mon Jul 03 06:00AM Blue Jays Astros Henderson R57
Tue Jul 04 06:00AM Giants Reds Layritz R58
Wed Jul 05 06:30AM Astros Giants Lambrick R59
Wed Jul 05 06:00AM Red Sox Marlins Henderson R60
Thu Jul 06 06:00AM Rangers Expos Henderson R61
Fri Jul 07 06:30AM Astros Blue Jays Lambrick R62
Sat Jul 08 12:00PM Mariners x Chemainus Chemainus E45
Sat Jul 08 03:00AM Mariners x Chemainus Chemainus E46
Sat Jul 08 06:00AM Astros Rangers Lambrick R63
Sun Jul 09 03:00AM Marlins Expos Henderson R64
Sun Jul 09 06:00AM Reds Giants Lambrick R65
Mon Jul 10 06:30AM Rangers Pirates Lambrick R66
Mon Jul 10 06:00AM Red Sox Astros Henderson R67
Tue Jul 11 06:00AM Expos Reds Layritz R68
Wed Jul 12 06:30AM Mariners Blue Jays Lambrick R69
Thu Jul 13 06:30AM Rangers Giants Lambrick R70
Thu Jul 13 06:00AM Red Sox Expos Henderson R71
Fri Jul 14 06:30AM Astros Pirates Lambrick R72
Sat Jul 15 12:00PM Reds x Chemainus Chemainus E46
Sat Jul 15 03:00AM Reds x Chemainus Chemainus E47
Sat Jul 15 06:00AM Marlins Blue Jays Lambrick R73
Sun Jul 16 03:00AM Pirates Expos Henderson R74
Sun Jul 16 06:00AM Giants Rangers Lambrick R75
Tue Jul 18 06:15AM Blue Jays Red Sox Luxton R76
Wed Jul 19 06:00AM Reds Astros Henderson R77
Wed Jul 19 06:30AM Red Sox Pirates Lambrick R78
Thu Jul 20 06:00AM Expos Marlins Henderson R79
Thu Jul 20 06:30AM Mariners Rangers Lambrick R80
Fri Jul 21 06:30AM Red Sox Giants Lambrick R81
Sat Jul 22 12:00PM Astros x Chemainus Chemainus E48
Sat Jul 22 03:00AM Astros x Chemainus Chemainus E49
Sat Jul 22 03:00AM Blue Jays Expos Henderson R82
Sat Jul 22 06:00AM Marlins Rangers Lambrick R83
Sun Jul 23 03:00AM Reds Mariners Rotary R84
Sun Jul 23 06:00AM Marlins Giants Lambrick R85
Mon Jul 24 06:30AM Rangers Blue Jays Lambrick R86
Tue Jul 25 06:15AM Marlins Red Sox Luxton R87
Wed Jul 26 06:30AM Expos Pirates Lambrick R88
Wed Jul 26 06:15AM Giants Mariners Rotary R89
Thu Jul 27 06:15AM Astros Red Sox Luxton R90
  PLAY-OFFS: (*Approximate Dates – Subject to Change / Check back)  
  PLAY-OFFS: WILDCARD ROUND (Best of 1) Subject to Team Park
Available Schedule
Sat Jan 00 12:00AM Seed (10) Seed (7) 0 P1
Sat Jan 00 12:00AM Seed (9) Seed (8) 0 P2
  PLAY-OFFS: ROUND 2 (Quarter Finals – Best of 3 Series) Subject to Team Park
Available Schedule
Sat Jan 00 12:00AM Seed (8/9/10) Seed (1) 0 P3
Sat Jan 00 12:00AM Seed (8/9/10) Seed (1) 0 P4
Sat Jan 00 12:00AM Seed (8/9/10) Seed (1) 0 P5
Sat Jan 00 12:00AM Seed (7/8/9) Seed (2) 0 P6
Sat Jan 00 12:00AM Seed (7/8/9) Seed (2) 0 P7
Sat Jan 00 12:00AM Seed (7/8/9) Seed (2) 0 P8
Sat Jan 00 12:00AM Seed (6) Seed (3) 0 P9
Sat Jan 00 12:00AM Seed (6) Seed (3) 0 P10
Sat Jan 00 12:00AM Seed (6) Seed (3) 0 P11
Sat Jan 00 12:00AM Seed (5) Seed (4) 0 P12
Sat Jan 00 12:00AM Seed (5) Seed (4) 0 P13
Sat Jan 00 12:00AM Seed (5) Seed (4) 0 P14
  PLAY-OFFS: ROUND 3 (Semi-Finals – Best of 3 Series) Subject to Team Park
Available Schedule
Sat Jan 00 12:00AM 0 0 0 P15
Sat Jan 00 12:00AM 0 0 0 P16
Sat Jan 00 12:00AM 0 0 0 P17
Sat Jan 00 12:00AM 0 0 0 P18
Sat Jan 00 12:00AM 0 0 0 P19
Sat Jan 00 12:00AM 0 0 0 P20
Aug nn-nn PLAY-OFFS – ROUND 4 (Championship – Best of 3 Series) Subject to Team Park
Available Schedule
Sat Jan 00 12:00AM 0 0 0 P21
Sat Jan 00 12:00AM 0 0 0 P22
Sat Jan 00 12:00AM 0 0 0 P23
  Congratulations: xxx – Winner of the 2017 SIBL Division!  

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