2019 Game Schedules

As the scheduling meetings conclude, we’ve been able to post the online schedules for each division.
We’re working on getting them onto the GVBA site, but until then we’re using the Layritz site.

Year Division LINK
2019 Mosquito (U11) http://www.LayritzBaseball.com/Games/Mosquito
2019 Peewee-A (U13)++ http://www.LayritzBaseball.com/Games/PeeweeA
2019 Peewee-AA (U13) http://www.LayritzBaseball.com/Games/PeeweeAA
2019 Bantam-A (U15)++ http://www.LayritzBaseball.com/Games/BantamA
2019 Bantam-AA (U15) http://www.LayritzBaseball.com/Games/BantamAA
2019 Midget-AA (U18) http://www.LayritzBaseball.com/Games/MidgetAA
2019 Midget-AAA (U18) .. Unsure where this information is being kept just yet
2019 SIBL (18+) https://www.southislandbaseballleague.com/schedule-standings
Hosted on their own site
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