GVBA Seeking a Technical Director of Baseball

GVBA is soliciting proposals for a Technical Director of Baseball.  The position will entail the development of a consistent and comprehensive approach to the game of baseball in greater Victoria, including player and coach development, across all levels so as to provide a balanced, competitive and enjoyable baseball experience for all.  Interested parties are asked to submit a detailed proposal to the GVBA Player Development Coordinator, Bill Doorschot at billdoor@shaw.ca no later than December 4, 2013. Details on the requirements of the position and the Request for Proposal may be found below.

RFP for a GVBA Technical Director of Baseball


Greater Victoria Baseball Association (GVBA) provides direction and support for the BC Minor Baseball program in Greater Victoria, playing under the auspices of the Canadian Federation of Amateur Baseball (CFAB), as well as operating an adult league and a high performance program for those players who aspire to play baseball into college and beyond with teams who play in the BC Premier Baseball League. We are the only association in Victoria to offer a comprehensive baseball program for players from 4 years to adult.  This includes player, coach and umpire development, cross-park promotion, communication and coordination, and integration and coordination of the various age divisions and competitive levels to provide a balanced, competitive and enjoyable baseball experience.

The GVBA is seeking to enter into a contract with a Technical Director of Baseball (TDB). The position will receive direction from the GVBA Board of Directors, The High Performance Committee and the GVBA Player Development Coordinator.  It will be partially funded by an annual surcharge on player registrations. The balance of the funding will come from individual clinic fees charged on a user pay model.  GVBA member Associations (Triangle, Layritz, Esquimalt, Gordon Head, Peninsula) may or may not choose to cover individual clinic fees for their registrants.

In establishing a TDB the GVBA will be able to:

1.  Develop a consistent and comprehensive approach to the game of baseball in greater Victoria

2.  Establish a year long developmental approach to baseball in Victoria


1.  Interested parties must submit their proposal by December 4th, 2013

2.  Proposal’s can be submitted electronically to the GVBA Player Development Coordinator at billdoor@shaw.ca. Include name and contact information in your proposal

3.  Interested parties will be required to attend a GVBA meeting in early January to present their ideas and answer questions to the GVBA and members from the High Performance Committee

4.  The GVBA Player Development Coordinator, and the GVBA BOD will evaluate proposals.

5.  Proposals will be evaluated and scored out of 100:

a.       Baseball experience 20 points

b.       Demonstrated ability to deliver baseball skills and training to a variety of age groups 20 points

c.        Ability to construct written material 20 points

d.       Ability to develop, organize and staff baseball clinics 20 points

e.        Presentation to the GVBA 20 points

Technical Requirements

Proposals should clearly outline how you will address the objective of a TDB for the GVBA:

1.  Provide your goals and objectives of a TDB of baseball

2.  Provide an example of a written practice plan.

3.  Provide details as to how you will measure success factors. For example:

a.       How will you know if your throwing drills etc. are successful?

b.       How you will manage a budget?

c.        How will you Prepare a budget?

4.  Demonstrate how you will communicate success and challenges to the GVBA and HPC

5.  Provide a list of equipment, facilities and staff necessary to fulfill this position (formal agreements for the use of facilities, equipment and staff do not have to be in place as long as thought has been given to the required resources)

Management Requirements

Provide an overview as to how a yearlong development process will be managed. This should be broken down month by month. This section will demonstrate how:

1.       Resources are managed and implemented month to month. For example how will player development be implemented during the baseball season versus off season training

2.       How will you manage and recruit staff on a month to month basis

3.       How will you create, manage and update a player development manual for coaches and players?

4.       How will you integrate the use of technology with respect to communicating with the baseball community?

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