Insights Into Life As A Pro-Ballplayer From Victoria Seals’ Brian Rios and Josh Arhart

The Island Sports News Network's Chris Stewart (our GVBA Web Master) has conducted an in-depth and fairly candid interview with Brian Rios and Josh Arhart of the Victoria Seals.  Rios and Arhart are retiring from active play after a 15 and 10 year career in professional baseball and both offer insights into their careers and what it takes for players to "make it" and some of the pitfalls along the way – advice that many of our young GVBA players and prospects may want to heed as they advance to the next level.  They also talk about the great experience they had playing baseball here in Victoria the past two years and their hope of returning to coach the team together in 2011. The full story is available on the ISN web site HERE!

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