Layritz Captures 2015 Pee Wee City Championship

Two very different teams played each other in the final GVBA Pee Wee game last Wednesday night June 24th.  The first, the Triangle Gladiators, a team of primarily first year players who met and started playing together in April of this year.  The second team was a group of Layritz players who have mostly played together in both baseball and soccer since grade one.  The years of experience and friendship built up in the second team won out in the end in a 12-2 victory for Layritz.


Triangle started a well known pitcher, Cole Daniel, on their side.  Unfortunately for them, Liam Bondoreff was up to bat and turned the first pitch of the game into a home run. A strong start for Layritz.  They continued in this vein and maxed their runs for the first inning.  Layritz reciprocated by putting up Aidan Heintz on the mound who had a three pitch inning – three balls were hit and three outs were completed.  In the second inning Cole Daniel was back on the mound and working hard for the team striking out his first batter, catching a hit by the second batter and completing an impressive pop fly for the third and final out of the inning. 

In the fourth inning Tyler Burton came in to pitch for Triangle, but by then Layrtiz’s lead was significant.  Triangle continued to rally in the fourth inning.

Unfortunately for Triangle it was not to be the Gladiators game.  Layritz prevailed 12-2.   However, both the Triangle coaches and the players were in good spirits and pleased with their second place finish in the GVBA city finals. The coaches had many kind words to say at the medal presentation and all were delighted with the success of their season.

Layritz was victorious and crowned the Pee Wee City Champions for 2015.  They were undefeated this season and deserving winners.

Congratulations to both teams and thank you to everyone for participating in the GVBA City-wide playoffs this year.

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