MLB Canadian Scouting Supervisor Walt Burrows Applauds Eagles Program

In a recent letter to GVBA President Art Celuszak and the GVBA Board of Directors, Walt Burrows, the Supervisor of Canadian Scouting for Major League Baseball, had high praise for the Victoria Eagles and the GVBA High Performance Program.

Burrows had the opportunity in February to watch an Eagles workout at the Oak Bay Rec Centre and commented, "I was highly impressed by the level of skill and potential displayed by the Eagle players. At a time when the overall level of high school age talent in BC is below expectations, I am excited by what is happening in my own town."

"The GVBA Eagles have shown the high quality of Victoria Baseball players and their ability to compete in BC and beyond," added Burrows, citing the Senior Bantam Eagles 2011 Provincial title and the representation of a number of Eagle players on the 2011 BC Selects and 2011 Canadian Junior National team as examples.  "These accomplishments demonstrate the value of  what I believe is the foundation of the Eagles program – a commitment to preparing young baseball players to move on to either the college or the professional level by developing baseball fundamentals."

You can read the full text of Burrow's letter to GVBA HERE.

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