Umpires Association Meeting This Thursday April 11th

GVBA Umpire in Chief Eric Rasmussen is inviting all umpires to a Victoria Umpires Association Meeting being held at the Red Barn at Lambrick Park this Thursday April 11 at 7 – 9:30 pm. The main focus of this meeting is to review this years Level 2 exam. This is also an opportunity to allow those that would like to umpire, but have not been able to attend a clinic this year, a chance to write the exam before the Spring Season is half over. The BCBUA will not post the Level 2 exam online for another couple of weeks. So if you have been in the practice of challenging the exam in the past, you may still do so however you will not be able to get access to the exam until the BCBUA releases it. You will not be able to umpire ball games unless you have written and passed the exam and paid the membership dues. This will all be able to get accomplished Thursday night. Starting April 15th all of the GVBA allocators will have a complete list of who is a certified Level 2 umpire. Those that are not on this list, will not be given any game assignments.  If you have already paid for your membership online, you may come to this session instead of waiting for the online exam to come out. If you have written the Level 3 exam, you are exempt from writing the Level 2 exam, however you will still need to pay your dues for 2013 in order to be put on the list. This can be done on Thursday night or you can do so on the BCBUA website. Payments Thursday can be made with cheque (payable to the BCBUA) or cash is fine too.  If there are any other rule related questions or topics that you want to discuss, please feel free to bring them up. Lets get the year off to a great start!

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